Webstable Soup to Read and Download to PDF

Instructions to open, read, and/or save to PDF:

Looking at this 144-page flipbook, the icons to open, read, and/or save it to PDF on your device are found on the bottom of the image.

L-R: The plus (+) sign will enlarge it; the minus (-) sign will reduce the size; the triangle icon will flip the book automatically; the foursquare icon will display all the pages on the left side of your screen; (tap again to remove them); the diagonal link icon will allow you to share it to social media; the down arrow will download it to PDF on your device; sound can be on or off; diagonal arrows will take it to full screen; and the book icon will allow single or double-screen pages. 

The Table of Contents on page 4 are linked to the beginning of each BOWL!

If you convert the file to PDF, depending on your PDF Reader, you may have the option to have the file read aloud.  It’s an interesting listen as well.

The amazing opportunities of technology!!  Blessings!